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What's in That Tote Bag?

by iVillager akorelc/cl-akorelc

This is the second in a series on packing for travel written especially for women In the first part, I gave you a wardrobe plan that offers 31 combinations from 9 easy pieces.


9/2001 Since the national tragedy of 9/11/2001, many airline carriers have instituted new and evolving restrictions on items in your carry-on bags. NO LONGER ALLOWED: metal nail files, plastic knives, Swiss-Army style knives and any similar tools with sharp implements, razors with disposable blades, box cutters and similar paper-cutting blades. (like coupon cutters, etc.). Please use common sense and check with your carriers before departure, as the list has changed a few times.

04/2001 Drop the pearls and the pumps! Go for more fashionable beads and well-padded loafers or other shoes that can be easily slipped on and off while going through security gates, unless you really do have to have the classics for business travel. Sometimes we do have to update ourselves!

08/11/2006 Red (severe) Alert on flights from the UK to the US, High (orange) Alert in the US on domestic and international flights.

Now, for that tote bag: consider how long you will be confined to the plane, train or other vehicle and how heavy lugging everything you'd like to have can become. What do you like to do to while away the time, read? Listen to audiobooks or music? Work on your laptop? My favorite tote bag has a woven strap stitched across the back that slips over the handle of my rolling carry-on. It's big enough to hold my laptop in its own padded pouch plus the various things I like to keep close to me, yet small enough to slide under a passenger seat. If you don't have to carry a laptop, you'll definitely have more room (and less weight to carry) for other things.

08/11/2006 UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE: liquids, gels and similar products no longer allowed to be taken onboard. Please check current travel alerts for US dosmetic and international flights to the US.

*If you need to carry prescription meds, put the original containers in a labeled zippered freezer bag. This is particularly important if you're going overseas and need to have a prescription filled. The name on prescription medication must match your ID.

**I suggest contacting a Mary Kay Consultant near you for the best compact I have ever found Called the "Custom Compact," it can hold a blusher; three eye colors, one full-sized lipstick and applicator brushes. If you don't know a consultant, go to: and tell her Alysia Korelc sent you (I don't get anything from this).

**There are also other lines of refillable compacts you might find at fine department stores and cosmetic suppliers. I happen to like a line called "Japonesque" for their sleek line of containers, refillable compacts and the coolest eyelash curler I've ever found.

That's it. Isn't that easy? So, now you should have room in your suitcase for the extra goodies you want to bring home!

(July 2000, rev: 09/ 2001, 11/2003, 08/2006)

© Alysia Korelc 2005 All Rights Reserved