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a new "do"

As a web professional, I believe in following current Web Standards in site design. This site was completely converted for optimum speed, low bandwidth and reduced maintenance using CSS rules, minimal graphics and no tables! This is a constant work in progress and I continue to experiment with CSS.

I hope you enjoy your visit.

alphabet soup

You may know me as "cmalysia," "cl-akorelc" or "acoralsea." I found iVillage around Fall of 1996, after being involved with other fledgling online communities, and became a volunteer Community Leader (CL) within just a few weeks. Back then, there were only a few hundred of us. In 2001, I became a Community Moderator (CM), starting at Diet & Fitness (D&F), then Work, and finally of the Food channel. Although I've recently 'retired' as CM, I still host a mesageboard as a CL. Come visit me on the Austin Life board on the Home and Garden channel.

more stuff

Articles I wrote for iVillage:

Special interests:

Austin Plone User Group - Plone/Zope users in Austin, TX (New)
Round Rock Fit (USA Fit) - Half Marathon Coach - Loaner to the working poor in the developing world


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